Evidence Based Intelligence To Stay Ahead Of The Pack

External Insights is a strategic advisor that delivers evidence-based insights to enable superior decision making. Our clients stay informed, act faster and gain a crucial advantage in their markets.

Global Reach With Local Knowledge

Modern businesses reach across borders and time-zones and so do we. With an extensive footprint and coverage, we have access to research talent across the most important geographic regions, eager to dig out the most reliable sources of insight and intelligence.

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Our Core Services

Whether our clients need to execute faster, win in a new market, gain share or de-risk their position, External Insights enables them to maximize the delivery of their strategy and win. Our key offerings are:

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Our Work Is Both Art and Science

Our engagements are so varied that they can’t simply be boxed within known “consultant tool-kits” or “project delivery” theories. We deploy our imagination and creativity in each piece of work, whilst being as structured as possible.

The experience of executing in excess of 500 projects over the last 13 years acts as our lighthouse.

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Markets And Industries We Specialize In

We work across numerous sectors, learn fast and don’t shy away from a challenge; our specialties include:

• Technology

• Consumer Goods

• Manufacturing and Industrial Goods

• Medical Devices

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Why You Should Work With External Insights

Our Client Partnerships Are Exclusive

We work on behalf of a singular client in any market segment we are deployed. We have no dilemmas about this, as this is the only way we can be close to our clients and forge a strong bond. Through our dedication and strong delivery, we win our client’s confidence and always remain accountable.

No Two Clients Are The Same. We Deliver A “Personalized Service”

Every organisation, large or small, private or public has its own unique way of getting things done; different processes, different timings and schedules, customized delivery formats and distinct ways of communication. We adapt to you, not the other way round.

You Only Pay For A Successful Outcome

External Insights guarantees the execution, delivery and results of our engagements. We provide clarity around all of our deliverables and we do not charge for any scope that can’t be delivered to maximum satisfaction. For our clients, this ensures piece of mind.

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What Our Clients Say

External Insights “powers” decision-making. We look forward to learning more about your organization and how we can support you.