Why Use External Insights?

We never stand still and continue to evolve our hard-acquired competitive advantages:

Breadth & Flexibility

We have over 13 years of experience in delivering high impact competitive and market intelligence programs across industries and around the world, for some of the most recognisable brand names. We learned our trade in some of the most prestigious Intelligence firms in the world, before following our own path.


Global Network

On top of our in-house experts, we have strong links to local analysts and subject matter experts in more than 75 countries with access to up to date and local intelligence sources.


We speak our mind and base our analysis on our triangulated findings

Clients hire us to aid them in making better and more informed decisions based on triangulated evidence. We are impartial and direct when presenting the outcomes of our work; we will never report what our clients may hope to hear, if this is not backed up by solid evidence.


Commitment to Results and Excellence

We have high quality delivery standards and are the harshest critic of our own work, whilst going at lengths to ensure uniform delivery and consistency from the simplest to the most complex project. We only have one ambition and goal in mind, to deliver timely and accurate decision relevant insights to our clients.


Cost Conscious

We deeply respect the fees our clients pay us and make budgets go the extra mile, by sharply focusing on the items that matter most and always finding ways to boost our productivity.


Client Testimonials

“The delivery was excellent, I couldn’t recommend the work you did enough, really. So a big well done needs to go back to the whole team. From the Project Director, who has been the real force behind the whole relationship, to the analyst team, because in many ways they have the toughest job of all, doing the fact finding.”

- Cloud Technology Client -

“External Insights always goes the extra mile to meet the most difficult of deadlines. I have nothing but praise for how they work and extract everything they can."

- FMCG Client -

“The way our assigned Project Director approached our topic and connected with us was very honest, very down to earth and very approachable. We could see the same thing in the way he was supported by his project teams. In this kind of setting it is easy to do those things badly and they do them very well. So, yes, excellent, really great and a pleasure to work with.”

- Global Packaging Client -

“I'm really taken with the material that External Insights has uncovered. It's just been very, very good. I don't have any qualms about how the process worked. It's been a great experience, especially because we know how hard it is to derive insights on such tough topics.”

- Global Automotive Components Client -